Yves Rocher The Two (2) Bottles Were Not Completely Full And The Company Refused To Have ME Return The Products To Get Proper Product Replacement! All That This F*ckin’ Company Cared About Was A Paper Receipt! Stupid, F*ckin’ Selfish, Idiots That Only Care About Money And Not The d**n Customer! Longueuil Quebec

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Do Not Buy Yves Rocher Products!

Very Serious Complaint!

My 88 year old mother had bought two (2) bottles of your Yves Rocher Passion Fruit Ginger Energizing Bath & Shower Gel and Both Bottles Were Not Completely Full which is Totally Unacceptable!

I am Not sure what happened during the packing, manufacturing and/or transportation process, but my mother must have received a Bad Batch!

All that my mother wants is to please provide her with Product Replacement for her Inconvenience!

For Your Information:  I am now providing You with some Vital Details that I was able to retrieve from one (1) of the bottles for your reference and further review.  Thank you.

Passion Fruit Ginger Energizing Bath & Shower Gel
400 ml   13.5 fl. oz
Upc Code:  3  660005  556345

Sadly, I had filed this complaint about one (1) month ago and the company did absolutely Nothing About It!

I offered to return the bottles and all that they cared about was the receipt instead of having the actual product(s) returned!

They are such a Stupid, Idiotic, Selfish company that does Not Care About Their Customers and it Shows!

I will make sure that my mother Never Buys Their d**n Products ever again!

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore
Angry And Upset Yves Rocher Customer
On Behalf Of Mrs. Helene Shore, Your Customer


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