WALTER J. ROESCH / Steven Cohen Goldberg & Cohn Lost case / Shared confidential information / Came to Court smell like alcohol Brooklyn NY

Walter is inaccurate lawyer and destroys children/family  led to believe your the bad parent If you hire this attorney most likely you will loose  your case since he has to lie to do so and he knows how to build a make-believe case against your spouse but be ready to have bitter damaged children

Walter is a mother hater and his goal is to destroy the other spouse – other reviews that he managed to remove from various sites and more than likely he convinces your attorney to throw you under the bus. He is an excellent fantastic attorney if you have no ethics and morals – good luck with Karma as this kind of representation will destroy your entire family.

It does not matter how good of a mother or father you are, this lawyer will say you are an abuser and lie consistently. Be careful what you wish for and yes, I did pay for this attorney!

they all punch off liars there is the office steven cohen pretend he knows all the judges for you to sign up for them.



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