Synchrony Bank charging late fees that I do not owe Orlando FL

I purchased furniture from Ashley Furniture in Aug 2018.  The total I should pay when the card is paid off is $2,600.  ONE year after I was issued the card I discoverd I had been being charged $39 a month in late charges every month since I purchased the furniture. Obviously the sales person at Ashley wrote down the wrong payment date we had discussed.  Synchrony did not once notify me by phone or email during the first year.  In Sept 2019 I starting recieving large amount of  mail from the bank stating I was late on my payments.  They called me day and night until I requested they stop the phone calls.

I offered to pay off the card.  If I pay what they are requiring I will have paid $3,900.  This is an overcharge of $1,300.  I have asked them to drop late charges and show my account in good standing on my credit report.

Every CSR I have talked to has been rude and refused to do anything but overcharge me and ruin my credit report.

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