Sun Wave Vacations sunwavevacations, 800-986-9341 now taken over by, 800-978-0828 Nothing Cancun Q Roo


SCAM!!! Yup, same type of scam here too. Purchased 5/24/2018 for $1199 from Sun Wave Vacation., 800-986-9341. I lost the money.

They are still up on the web. And when you call them, you will probaly be rerouted to another scam vacation company too. Because the person – operator who answer the phone sounds very shady. They don't want to let you know what company they are working for.

Mason, form (department of Resco ?) at, 800-978-0828,  x 9206, contacted me recently me to let me know that the Sunwave Vacation is no longer in business. My Sun Wave Vacation contract is voided and is no longer honored, however, Respush is willing to allow me to take the three vacations that I bought originally but only to their specific resorts like Vallarta Gardens, Occidental Nuevo and Matlati Hills for the first vacation. Plus, I have to pay additional reservation and any docking fees for each of the vacation I want to take. The cost ranging from $350+. My original certificate would allow me 5 yrs (2023) to travel but now they say I have till April 2021 and their term and conditions to travel is ridiculous. 

Found out that there are many Mexico vacation groups who set up up scam shops like this.

Becareful! Never book any of your vacations when someone calls you on the phone, especially from Mexico when it sounds too good to be true.

Ouch! A big lesson to learn.

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