Steve Herbst – Handyman aka Contractor Remodeled bathroom did not install insulation (soundproofing) neighbors can hear downstairs–did not complete other work done in the house.. Antioch California

He remodeled my bathroom and did not install insulation (soundproofing) neighbors  can hear downstairs when we are in the bathroom, showering etc.  Insulation was in the bathroom before remodeling.  He painted, and laminated the floors and they squeak, left several things undone, caulking, the closet doors do not operate properly.  Broke my television and said he was going to get it fixed.  Replaced it with a TCL – ROXU TV and I had a Sony TV…very abusive and loud cursing.  We are senior and cannot afford to have the work done by professionals so hired a handyman….I would very much like to have insulation done in my bathroom but cannot afford the project….

Stay away from Steve Herbst 



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