SageStream,LLC Releasing false information San Diego California

Recently I purchased 2019 GMC Sierra unlimited while in dire need of a vehicle after an accident where my Nissan was totaled by the insurance company. The Insurance company would only reimburse me 3,000 for the purchase of another truck, well we all know what a huge loss I took on that.

I live in a rural area and alone, needed a truck as I am a contractor. I had just survived through a 5-year repayment plan on a chapter 13 October 1 2019 last payment of 1250.00 per month.

I needed financing so Kunes Country  Super Store started submitting my application for approval, many of the financing companies use credit bureau that is not updated info? In this case, Ally Capital used I had never heard of them?

How can Transunion have almost a 700 score yet Sagestream has a 498 score. Why do consumer have to make a part-time career of constantly taking time fixing incorrect information and building stress and anxiety over false information from these credit bureaus? Not to mention ruining someone's reputation, humiliating them.

Humans are going through hardship due to our economy, certainly is not that we are not the government robots, working to stay afloat! 



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