Purvis Realty, Natalie Purvis ripoff false promises Meridian Mississippi

This is for anyone living in Meridian, MS or planning on moving to Meridian. DO NOT rent or buy any property from Purvis Realty owned by Natalie Purvis. Her property are low grade and she will tell you that if you fix them up that she will take money off of rent.

Actually what she is doing is using people to fix up her properties on the inside where she can raise rent for the next tenants that move in. Also, she will not return your deposit (which is extemely high for the condition of the houses and apartments) and she will charge double rent (if you move out in the middle of the month she will let someone move in and make doulbe the money).

She is abusive, unsettled and will try to talk down you. She does not treat you as a customer but as dirt once she gets your money. She is actually a slumlord. She will not take your phone calls and she is also very prejudice and wants to be something she knows she will never be. So renters beware that if you see a purple sign advertising Purvis Realty, just keep on going.

Even other agency will lock up and close their doors when they see her coming up. She is the scum of the earth and actually nothing but a liar and a thief and thinks everyone is below her. I will not sink to her level which is the lower than whale s*** in the ocean. Do not rent or buy from her. Make here loose her business so she cannot steal from any other person.

New York, New York

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