Projector Lamps World They misrepresented their warranty Gardena, Ca. 90248 California

Last November, I purchased a replacement bulb for my Mitsubishi television from Projector Lamps World.  The part was WD-57731 and they said it had a 90 day warranty.  The bulb went out in less than 90 days and I immediately contacted the company to get a return label.  It took 3 separate phone calls to their customer service dept before they finally sent me a return label.  I received the new bulb and this tiime it didn't even last 30 days. 

When I called customer service, I was informed that there was no warranty once the 1st bulb had been replaced.  There is nothing in their literature, their ad, or on their website that states that condition.  The ad says ALL Products Carry a 90 day Warranty.  They put special empahasis on the word ALL when in fact there is no warranty whatsoever after the 1st bulb they send you. 

They claim that their bulbs are the same quality as the one that came in my set from the factory.  Not even close!  I asked the customer service person why the warranty wasn't explained in their ad and I got no answer.  I asked to speak to the supervisor and was of course told she was out to lunch.  She was supposed to call me but never did.  Since then my emails have been ignored completely.

The bottom line is this.  When you order a bulb from this company, the warranty is only good for that bulb.  When it fails, and it most certainly will, there is a one time replacement during the 90 day period.  When the next bulb I got failed in less than 30 days, there was no warranty for that.  My primary complaint is the fact the warranty is not explained.  It is very misleading and I can fully understand why.  They selling CRAP and praying it will last at least 90 days.  I will order directly from Mitsubishi in the future.  Maybe my letter will prevent potential customers from dealing with this company.  

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