Phenix city doctors Valintine Are corrupt dirty they allow their office staff to abuse patients by falsely accusing them of cursing at them then dismissing them as patients because Valintine don’t put up with patients back talking his employees with the witch lied about you phenix city al

  This was a total injustice when Valintine took the word of this lying little office girl that I cursed at her and my family member was on the phone and can say that I didn't say anything bad to her. I was sick and I needed them to call me in some medicine. For me to be able to work! But instead, I got all this drama and chaos. I explained my side of the story to the office manager and she said well his decisions stand in a really ugly way!

 I've been a patient for a long time of Valintine. And for him to treat me like this was like a betrayal! They knew me that I never was ugly to his office staff prior to my encounter with this new employee! Other people need to be aware so they don't get falsely accuse and be out of a doctor. All I wanted was medicine for me to get well because I had to work!

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