Primal Health LP I want a refund.  They sent me items that I did not want and I told them so.  Called their rep (customer service) and after explaining the situation was told that I would be charged $7.00 for shipping.  She hung up on me! My payment was $56.99………..Allen Texas

First of all I cannot go back to correct my mistakes.

I requested to purchase a text from this company. I told them that is all I wanted to buy. Instead they sent me a booklet of various products "health related" along with enrolling me into their monthly mailings. Contacted then saying that I only wanted to purchase the text and was NOIT interested in the other booklets. I called them and requested a refund. I was told that I would be charged for shipping costs. Their rep hung up on me ending the call.


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JustFly FlightHub Refuse to issue refund WA

I have requested a refund as is mandated by the DoT for flights cancelled due to CoVid, Flight from GGT-FLL, 04/16/2020, returning FLL-GGT 04/20/2020. I spoke with Silver Airways directly and they confirmed that I am due a refund if requested vs. a travel credit but that the online agency I used would issue the refund.  

I spoke to a representative this morning (04/16/2020) live on the telephone at JustFly who confirmed that I would be able to get a refund vs. a travel credit but that I needed to send an email to [email protected]  I have done that this morning and they are advising that the airline is not issuing refunds and that they will only provide me with a travel credit.  This is wholly unacceptable as I am entitled to a refund.  They must think I am unaware of my rights.

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Vivint Security Promise to give credit to your account, then say they didn’t and report you to collections. provo utah

I was a DEALER for Vivint. I paid over $2700 for equipment with NO CONTRACT. When the service technician skipped two install appointments, they offered a $300 credit. When hooked up, they never gave credit. I canceled and they put me into collections for $357. No explanation, no paperwork, just sent my debt to a 3rd party who says they don't care. Pay or leave it on your credit. 


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Julia Hong Kong Julia They won’t exchange 2 pairs of shoes for a smaller size Hong Kong New Territories

I bought 2 pairs of sandals from a add on FB. They arrived several weeks later. The size was too big. I asked to exchange them for a size smaller.  As requested I sent pictures of the shoes and my foot in the shoes.  Julia replies that they're supposed to be loose.  She can't judge the fit or feel from a picture. Although there was obviously too much room for my feet. She will not give me a mailing address to make the exchange.  I saw one other person with the same experience.  Wished I seen it before my purchase. 

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Circle Heart Corgis – Michelle Gervais UnHealthy, Unpapered Dogs Anza California

Michelle and her breeding practices are just short of appaulling.  She's attacked people in the past because she feels that her program is the only one that should be in existence.  She attacks other breeders for fear of competition.  She has delivered puppies that have developed parvo and cocci.  She says she tests and she does not, leaving new puppy owners with unhealthy dogs.  

She trashes and bashes other breeders and owners.  Please steer clear of her because in the end you will find yourself on social media trashed for reporting her bad breeding practices.  Professional Website does not = Prefessional and Healthy Breeder.


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Capital Bank NA Bait and switch scam Rockville MD

Around Jan 28,2020 I attempted to refinance 2 investment properties with Capital Bank NA.I requested and was provided quotes outlining the terms including rate and closing costs involved and based on this information I decided to proceed with them (I had other quotes from other lenders).I provided them the necessary personal information which they processed and following this they ordered appraisals for the properties.

The valuations of the appraisals came back with one property being higher than the originally estimated amount and the second lower than the estimated value.Initially I was advised by them that due to the lower valuation (for the property that came back lower) the loan amount will be lower for that property and I agreed to that.After I agreed to the lower amount, they said that they will not be able to do the loan under the original terms (rate and closing costs) and provided me revised closing terms with a much higher rate (addition of 0.375% to the rate) as well as much higher closing costs (Additional 2.25 points to the original closing costs quoted).

The revised terms will end up costing me thousands in additional closing costs as well as thousands in additional interest over the life of the loan. For the second loan (the one that the value came back higher) they raised the closing costs significantly (raised the title fees). I tried to get an explanation as to the drastic changed terms and they stated that since my new loan amount is lower than the original (which is true for one of the properties ,the second loan amount being higher than the initial amount) they can no longer honor their initial commitment and provided me with the new outrageously high rate and terms.

I ultimately decided not to pursue the loans with them and now they want to charge me fees over $1000 for their services since I did not close the loan with them.It seems to me that this is a classic case of a bait and switch techniques in order to attract customers with low enticing rates and terms and during the process, switch to substantially higher rates and fees.

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Purvis Realty, Natalie Purvis ripoff false promises Meridian Mississippi

This is for anyone living in Meridian, MS or planning on moving to Meridian. DO NOT rent or buy any property from Purvis Realty owned by Natalie Purvis. Her property are low grade and she will tell you that if you fix them up that she will take money off of rent.

Actually what she is doing is using people to fix up her properties on the inside where she can raise rent for the next tenants that move in. Also, she will not return your deposit (which is extemely high for the condition of the houses and apartments) and she will charge double rent (if you move out in the middle of the month she will let someone move in and make doulbe the money).

She is abusive, unsettled and will try to talk down you. She does not treat you as a customer but as dirt once she gets your money. She is actually a slumlord. She will not take your phone calls and she is also very prejudice and wants to be something she knows she will never be. So renters beware that if you see a purple sign advertising Purvis Realty, just keep on going.

Even other agency will lock up and close their doors when they see her coming up. She is the scum of the earth and actually nothing but a liar and a thief and thinks everyone is below her. I will not sink to her level which is the lower than whale s*** in the ocean. Do not rent or buy from her. Make here loose her business so she cannot steal from any other person.

New York, New York

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