TAX GROUP 800-285-2093 Possibly the same as tax group center in Calabassas CA based on complaints that I see on this site BLATANTLY FALSE MISREPRESENTATION Calabassas? CA

I am retired IRS (30 yrs) and now a tax consultant helping folks with tax problems.  A client sent me a copy of a letter received annotated as a "DISTRAINT ORDER" that indicated that this warrant "serves the same function as a court judgment" and that "levying procedures will begin within 15 days of receipt", and to either full pay or call 800-285-2093 "to avoid action". 

I called this number and "GRADY' answered the line, "Tax Group".  I asked that he identify the company and he hung up.  I called a second time and grady answered and told me that "I don't have to tell you anything" and hung up on me once again.

(NOTE:  The IRS CANNOT levy within 15 days of this distraint order letter unless other procedural requirements have previously been met by the IRS, such as the mailing of the LT-11 or L1058 letters, and then, only after 30 days have expired, can a levy be sent.  And the mailing of these letters is not public information so there is no way that the company mailing this would be aware of this action.  So this letter is complete BS!)

Listen up folks.  If you call a company claiming to provide tax assstance, and they refuse to identify who the company is; who the principals are; where there office is located; and who the parties are who will actually be representing you via the IRS Power of Attorney form, RUN FOR THE HILLS!  I have seen far too many of these blatantly false and misleading letters mailed out to my clients attempting to scare folks to these unscrupulous companies, whose main focus is to get you to pay them large sums up front, and then typically do a very crappy job of representing the taxpayers interests!

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BFE Corp Limited BFE Corporate I bought a Honda EU2200 Generator for $149.99 and I received a ponytail stretchy hair tie. All Nevada, California

On January 04, 2020, I was visiting my Facebook page.  While viewing and scowling through the pages, an ad popped up advertising a Honda EU 2200 gasoline generator for $149.99.  I clicked on the ad and checked out the website, not only did it have great pricing on this generator, it had great pricing on other brand generators, tools, chain saws and etc.  This website looked legit (https://silopaer,com) POWERTOOLS so I went ahead and placed the order for this generator. 

I knew that it sold for much more but I thought they must have a surplus of them and I wanted to get one before they ran out.  When placing the order, I had an option of going through PayPal or my credit card.  I figured that PayPal must screen these seller’s to be approved before they can use PayPal’s services.  I felt it was safe because PayPal was going to charge my Capital One credit card anyway.  Looks like I thought wrong!  After I placed the order, I received an email from PayPal charging my credit card $149.99.  Listed was a Merchant number (no company name) and a Description number (no description of what I had ordered). 

I was concerned but waited until January 22 and I contacted PayPal asking them to update me on my generator purchase.  PayPal then sent me an email stating that my item had shipped and they provided me with a tracking number. So, I thought great, my generator is coming.  On January 29, I went to my mailbox to get my mail and there was an envelope addressed to me from a company that I had never heard of.  I opened the package and there was this black stretchy ponytail hair tie with a silver emblem attached.  I had no idea of why this was sent to me and I didn’t recognize the company, BFE Corp Limited.  Then I happened to notice a tracking number on the envelope and it was the same tracking number PayPal provided me in their email.  At this point, I knew I was not going to get my Honda generator and I’d been scammed.  I then contacted PayPal by email and they responded that the item was delivered and they had the tracking number to prove it and told me to take it up with my Capital One credit card company.

Capital One said they would investigate this and get back to me.  In the meantime, I started to do some investigating on my own.  The return address on the hair tie envelope is: (first line) Customer Name 39567 (2nd line) BFE Corporate, (3rd) 14675 Monte Vista Ave, (4th) Chino, CA 91710-5722.  I researched google and this address is office rental space.  No company, just office space.  I then checked with the Better Business Bureau and BFE had three complaints and the BBB had an address listed at 1937 Davis St., San Leandro, CA 94577.  The BBB does not accredit BFE Corp and they rate BFE with an F rating.  I then came up with another address for BFE Corp Limited, RM 1103-5 11/F Allied Kajima Bldg., 138 Gloucester RD., Wan Chai, Hong Kong.  Annual Revenue $51.07 US.

On March 10, 2020, Capital One sent me a letter denying credit for my $149.99 Honda generator purchase and my case was closed.  I was denied because I did not return the hair tie to the seller (who would send a hair tie back to the seller?) and I needed to provide Capital One with a second opinion letter on company letterhead.  I had no clue as to what they were asking and when I asked them, the Capital One rep could not give me an answer that I could understand.  So basically, I am out the $149.99.

I returned to viewing my Facebook page and on April 12, 2020, there is another advertisement posted for a Honda EU2200 generator, only this time it is advertised for $93.00.  I noticed that their website address has changed to POWERTOOLS.  On this website the Honda generator ad had a statement “100% SECURE PAYMENT BY PayPal, Security policy (100% authentic products). At this point, how can PayPal NOT be responsible for allowing BFE to scam everyone?

I checked out this website and everything is the same as the website.  I went to the link and I received a message that “Our connection is not private” “Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example passwords, messages, or credit cards).”  “Help improve Chrome security by sending URLs of some pages you visit, limited system information and some page content to Google. Privacy policy. I quickly closed this site realizing this BFE Corp had changed the website and is selling whatever they can and changing the website address again and again to where you still end up at the POWERTOOLS, the same site showing all their great pricing.  I ran across some service email addresses on these websites but each one I tried received a message: “Delivery Incomplete.”

I am sure there are other people that have gotten caught up in this scam.  This BFE Corp Limited needs to be stopped and shut down, even put away.  BFE is like a phantom company, hard to catch because they keep changing up things. PayPal should also have to answer for their part in this scam, they should have tighter security controls. From now on, I will only pay through PayPal with companies I'm familiar with.  I also posted this information with pictures on my Facebook page and Facebook took down my post. 


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LTO Logistics Incorporated The worst auto transport carrier I have ever dealt with! Boylston MA

This is without a doubt, the worst carrier that I have ever dispatched a car to since I became an auto transport broker in 2009. These arrogant Brazilian jerks act as if they are doing ME a favor by accepting the load that I gave them. They are four (4) days late on the car's delivery, putting my customer and I myself through a great inconvenience. They have been making harassing blocked phone calls to my home/office phone number after I blocked each of their phone numbers on my phone and I had to report them to my local police department. Total losers and idiots. I wouldn't hire them again to move my bowels, let alone any other customer's vehicle!

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LinkedIn LinkedIn Corporation LinkedIn Ad Campaign LinkedIn Social Media Deceiving Ad Campaign Practices Sunnyvale California

I am dealing with a situation with LinkedIn that I have no idea how to solve. Our company wanted to sponsor a post, which was about a donation we made for homeless kids that don't get gifts for Christmas. We just wanted this promotion for a day only (this isn't the first one we've done, so we're aware of how the end dates work).

Somehow they're saying we didn't put an end date, so since December 24, they have been billing us daily. We now have an expense of almost 7,000 dollars that is going to ruin us. We are a very small business. The premise of "clients need to keep track of their ads, we don't send updates or receipts" seems a bit deceitful to me.

So far Customer Services is telling me that it's our fault, and they will give us 1,000 dollars back only. That's a gesture that although appreciated, still leaves us in a very bad place.

We hire independent contractors, we do good things for people. And considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot believe this is how they are handling this.

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Mr. Daniel Joseph Merandi He is a con-man and a fraudster

Do not do business with the USA citizen Mr. Daniel Joseph Merandi (USA passport number (((REDACTED))) and Florida driver license number (((REDACTED))) and USA social security number (((REDACTED))) and Chinese visa number (((REDACTED)))). He is a con-man and a fraudster.

In my 40 years of international business, he is the most amoral individual I ever met. Under the disguise of doing charity work and relentless ’blessings from God’, he will defraud you. Posted by an international business victim. If you want more details, you can email me on [email protected]

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interactivebrokers Not to be trusted radia.recovery

It's painful to invest and lose, binary options is more of a gamble if you ask me, especially when your broker decides to invest on your behalf, this was how I lost all my funds with whalesinvestment. They claimed they invested on my behalf, what nonesense. Anyway, long story short, I have a friend that had a connection with someone from a recovery firm to do an investigation on these guys and I got my money from within 2 weeks of getting in touch with him.

Hiring a lawyer and and contacting your bank for help is useless so don't waste your time. I was lucky to get referred to this guy, you can definitely get lucky too if you need from help Radia recovery. Just ensure you come back here to thank me later.


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WOO-KIDS KINSMAN NELL. Advertised a full plunger system but the actual product was the bottom half, plunger only. Refused to give me refund. Jamaica New York

At height of COVID19 scarcity, ordered toilet paper (not as advertised – much smaller, non-descript product received but I didn't return it because at the time I was desperate); and a plunger system which I thought would be a good item to obtain. However when I received it, it was hardly as advertised.

I sought to return the plunger they sent (see attached) but the company replied it was properly advertised, that I should read it again (by then I was unable to access their website), and that no refund would be forthcoming. When I balked, they finally did admit the advertisement was inaccurate and offered me 10% ($2.59), in return.

I didn't contact them any further as I don't want their money. My sole intention at this point is to alert others.

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Maine Coon Garden Scam – They do not have kittens! Dallas Texas

Scam – They do not have kittens!  I paid $500 plus $150 for shipping for total of $650 through Zelle then he said he shipped him and asked for $1020 for pet insurance and that he was already at airport.  We realized it was a scam before sending more money.

 My husband contacted him as separate sale and they said the same kitten was still available after I had already paid for him. Do not use or send money as I lost all memory sent and did not get back. 

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