Tradesy EcoFriendlyFashions Refuse to ship my purchase Santa Monica California

I purchased a pair of broken moccasin boots from Tradesy on April 13, 2020 for $54.26.  I received a pair of pink Mukluks (UGG type) boots a few days later.  The original merchant EcoFriendlyFashions sent me a message asking me to return them so my boots would be shipped.  However,  the seller wants me to ship the wrong boots back with my money.

 I put in a return request to Tradesy and I have been getting nothing but the runaround from them.  This is my first experience with Tradesy and let me tell you it is the last…

I am also going to file a BBB Complaint, Consumer Affair Complaint and blast them on social media…

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Hair Plus HairPlusRD, HairPlusUSA, HairPlusEuropa, HairPlus,, Took my money, waited a month never received a thing, insulted me horribly via message afterwards HIALEAH GARDENS FL

I ordered a product from their European website on March 23rd and on the 25th they had already debited my account. 3 weeks after, I remembered about my order, and went to check if I had received any information via e-mail, which I hadn't. When I contacted them to hear a status they were very difficult to get in contact with, and only periodically responsive. I told them to please send my order now or give me back my money, and they never replied again.

I took to contact them via the original company's Instagram, and the person/owner was extremely rude and hostile towards me, she was simply just horrible with me. I never received words of apologetic character nor any intention to try and assure me that I would be receiving my order, nor when. They seemed to completely not care about me being a customer with them, and basically told me I was being demanding for even asking or making the claim that it's not right to withdraw the money from a customer and then just never send them the product (I mean come on: a month had passed – and they never so much as tried to send me an email saying "we're sorry we're taking so long, we're doing our best").

I believe they do not do their best – and if those horrible messages they wrote me were in fact their best then I am just mortified for them. After discussing with them for hours via Instagram Direct Messaging, they finally said they would refund my purchase, and I have received an email notification about the refund, but still cannot see the refund in my bank account.

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Shinna Martin Marie Monroe Planer Jeanine Kendall Ellenburg Kevin parks Darlene Martin Kenneth Luquette Robert Weber Natalie Crawford This person has been scamming people for money when they believe they are buying a pug puppy and used my moms name in order to scam more people. Pensacola Florida

This person has been scamming people for money when believe they are buying a pug puppy but the never get the pug. She did this to my family by using the name Marie Monroe and she has done this to many more. We believed we were going to be getting 2 pug puppies, she sent videos and pictures to keep my family updated. She even sent my mom pictures of vet bills that she wanted her to pay.

She said that her husband (Robert Weber) is a truck driver and was going to drive down to our state to give us the puppies. She then said that the female puppy we were going to get passed away from complications but we were still going to get the male pug. They canceled the day we were going to get them. After this my mom wanted a refund and never got it.

My mom then posted about her being a scammer all over Facebook so Shinna Martin got mad and used my moms name in order to scam more people. We have contacted the police but they won’t do anything because we don’t live in Florida like she does. Don’t trust anyone with any of the names I listed! She may be using more so if you are getting a dog from someone on the internet, ask to FaceTime the person to make sure they are legit.

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Sprint They charged me a plan that I don’t have anymore and don’t want to refund San diego California

I contracted a Sprint plan in February and after 4 I cancele this plan because the salesperson call me and said he had told me the wrong price so I my bill would be more than 100$ (initially would be 80$ and then changed to 128$).

One month later (my plan was already canceled) I received a message from my bank saying that I was negative because Sprint charged me about this plan that I had already canceled. 

Because of this, the bank charged me an overdraft (35$) because I wasn’t expecting this and I didn't have money on my account.

In this past 2 months, I spoke with many agents (more than 10 times) and they said the same thing: that I would be refunded in 163$ (128$ plan plus the overdraft 35$). I already had the 128$ but I am waiting for the 35$ related to the overdraft. 

I call Sprint every week asking about this and they say that they will call me with an answer about how they will refund me but has been more than 2 months that I am waiting someone to call me and solve my problem.

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Steve Herbst – Handyman aka Contractor Remodeled bathroom did not install insulation (soundproofing) neighbors can hear downstairs–did not complete other work done in the house.. Antioch California

He remodeled my bathroom and did not install insulation (soundproofing) neighbors  can hear downstairs when we are in the bathroom, showering etc.  Insulation was in the bathroom before remodeling.  He painted, and laminated the floors and they squeak, left several things undone, caulking, the closet doors do not operate properly.  Broke my television and said he was going to get it fixed.  Replaced it with a TCL – ROXU TV and I had a Sony TV…very abusive and loud cursing.  We are senior and cannot afford to have the work done by professionals so hired a handyman….I would very much like to have insulation done in my bathroom but cannot afford the project….

Stay away from Steve Herbst 



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Hello My Biz Kimberly Ellsworth Accepted $1500/will not complete services or refund Las Vegas NV

I hired Kim on or around February 27, 2019 to start a Personal Credit Sweep and Corporate Credit Program, where a designed website, email account and my choice of domain names ( and were included for my company E.E. Business Marketing, LLC.

While Kim accepted from me two separate payments to Kim’s Navy Federal Credit Union Account (acct ending 4703) located in Riverview, Florida, the first payment being $800 and the second payment $700. The initial $800 was to cover $300 for the Personal Credit Sweep (discounted by referral from Day Trading Solutions) and $500 to start the Corporate Credit. The second payment of $700 was an upgrade to the already included website that was incorporated in the Corporate Credit Program. Despite Kim’s email to me stating that my website would be complete 3-5 days after payment was received, an incomplete website remained.

Even after me paying for the upgrade the website remained incomplete and over a year later remains incomplete. As well, Kim provided no means for me to control or use the website without getting instructions first on how to manage the WordPress Account without defecting the websites setup, nor were there any results in the repair of my personal credit and/or building her Corporate Credit, which directly resulted from Kim’s internal business conflicts with other companies. Additionally, despite a voluminous number of requests to gain access to my email account at RoundCube, which I had provided to prospective clients, as well entailed sensitive company information received, Kim failed to perform.

I pleaded for Kim’s attention multiple times regarding the money she I paid as leaving me on a strapped livelihood as a single mother and not being able to build or even market my company; however, to all costs Kim has refused to address and rectify any of the concerns addressed to her; rather Kim provided stalling tactics and attempted to deceive me toward other programs of Kim’s that she promised a monetary benefit to hold me off; that reaped no reward other than Kim receiving more funds from me. I required website design, setup and full access to modify/edit and retrieve company emails that were also linked to my company domain name and for the purposes of owning, running, and controlling a website for my business. Kim agreed that she would provide such services to in exchange for money, in which I would then  be in a position to modify my website as needed, as well would be the owner of the domain names linked to my company.

It was discovered that Kim had listed her company Hello My Biz as the Administrator with full rights to the domain names at NameCheap, in which Kim ensured from the beginning they would be filed under my company name. I requested on numerous occasions for Kim to release full rights to me the domains so I could implement a website on my own. I even provided Kim my NameCheap account (Eebiz2020) with instructions given to me from NameCheap on transferring full ownership of the domain names; however, Kim failed to comply with that too. Kim provided stall tactics stating an EPP code was required when NameCheap verified that such code was not needed to transfer ownership. The agreement between Kim and I was oral that I pay for services Kim would provide but refuses to resolve and/or perform.

Moreover, my website remains under Kim’s sole control and yet displays the name of my company, which is causing confusion and inconvenience with potential clients. I demanded Kim refund the full $1500.00, in certified funds immediately, stop displaying any wording associated with my business on any website under Kim’s control, and transfer full ownership to E.E. Business Marketing, LLC for domain names and, however, she has failed to resspond or comply.

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ATM Mastery Austin Lewis Austin Zaback ATM Mastery course zabackgroup Austin Lewis and Austin Zaback ATM Mastery Course under INVESTIGATION FOR FRAUD, Stole money for ATM machines and NOT DELIVERED phoenix arizona

Austin Lewis and Austin Zaback are under investigation for numerous offenses to many individuals including myself for taking my CASH and not sending me my ATM machines. Also from what i have been diggin up more on these 2 individuals is they have been stealing a lot of money from people through their ATM course and dissapearing . We took a drive to their office which was advertised being open every day and yet it was closed.

I have tried to get my money back over and over it has been OVER 45 DAYS and still no atms have appeared at my door step

Also many things they advertise is FALSE AND MISLEADING!!! In their you tube videos they act as if everything is true and correct yet come to find out their are many other issues and problems they are hiding from us.

The investigation is going to go beyond the ATM to Austins business dealings with investors in Real Estate. Close friend who i was referred to them by Purchased real estate only to receive NOTHING and fake information.

Beware for these 2 scammers online taking advantage from people, showing PROMISES OF MONEY AND CARS only to be one of the many scammers we see everywhere.  I hope i will get my money back. Over 4500 cash and not a PEEP

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Each one had a TRACKING NUMBER FROM AMERICA'S BIGGEST ON LINE WHOLESALER. I worked in a modern digital warehouse I know how tracking numbers have a history and can be tracked. HOW THREE DVDS WOULD BE LOST AFTER BEING DELIVERED TO 18109 was troubling then my mailman told us "18109 is the USPS on POSTAL ROAD. Apparently someone stole them, then the same ON LINE WHOLESALER arranged for 2 SUNDAY DELIVERS, WE STAYED HOME BOTH TIMES ALL DAY WITH THE FRONT DOOR AND SCREEN DOOR IN. NO ONE CAME YET THE USPS claimed they had attempted 2 deliveries both times I GOT THE ON LINE WHOLESALER ON THE PHONE and they confirmed through their USPS NO ONE EVER STOPPED HERE IT WAS AN ERROR, YEA RIGHT.

Now that on line wholesaler delivers its' own packages and we don't have any problems anymore, UNTIL TODAY.

I had to have a package sent USPS it arrived at 1:23 A.M. this morning our MAIL PERSON DOESN'T COME OUT TO 5 HOURS LATER AND OUR PACKAGE WAS NOT IN THEIR BAG. 

I got phone numbers email addresses IT DOES NO GOOD NOT IF THE LEHIGH VALLEY USPS IS INVOLVED.


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