Direct Tv Cancelled service on 3-15-2020 said pay $120.00 to cancel and they where going to charge me a nother month of service even if i did not owe for another month now they want $415.00

These people do want they want . I want them to sue me I would like my day in court with this company. 20000 complants against them since August last year. Wont some attorney with guts start class action suit. Worst thing goverment did give Tv airways to these people. And we are under lockdown at this time.  

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Projector Lamps World They misrepresented their warranty Gardena, Ca. 90248 California

Last November, I purchased a replacement bulb for my Mitsubishi television from Projector Lamps World.  The part was WD-57731 and they said it had a 90 day warranty.  The bulb went out in less than 90 days and I immediately contacted the company to get a return label.  It took 3 separate phone calls to their customer service dept before they finally sent me a return label.  I received the new bulb and this tiime it didn't even last 30 days. 

When I called customer service, I was informed that there was no warranty once the 1st bulb had been replaced.  There is nothing in their literature, their ad, or on their website that states that condition.  The ad says ALL Products Carry a 90 day Warranty.  They put special empahasis on the word ALL when in fact there is no warranty whatsoever after the 1st bulb they send you. 

They claim that their bulbs are the same quality as the one that came in my set from the factory.  Not even close!  I asked the customer service person why the warranty wasn't explained in their ad and I got no answer.  I asked to speak to the supervisor and was of course told she was out to lunch.  She was supposed to call me but never did.  Since then my emails have been ignored completely.

The bottom line is this.  When you order a bulb from this company, the warranty is only good for that bulb.  When it fails, and it most certainly will, there is a one time replacement during the 90 day period.  When the next bulb I got failed in less than 30 days, there was no warranty for that.  My primary complaint is the fact the warranty is not explained.  It is very misleading and I can fully understand why.  They selling CRAP and praying it will last at least 90 days.  I will order directly from Mitsubishi in the future.  Maybe my letter will prevent potential customers from dealing with this company.  

Your help would be appreciated,



Continue Reading After hours of volunteer service, I was “flamed,” muted, and blocked.

I joined November 4, 2018. By April 15, 2020, I made 6,828 contributions to this genealogical website, and earned 37 of their badges, including "Pre-1700 Certified," ""Big Heart," "Language Volunteer", "Generous Genealogist," and "Family Star." For several months, I also had their "Ranger" badge, and worked an hour or so a week, as a volunteer to monitor potentially harmful traffic on their website.

Unfortunately, when people in the U.S. "sprang forward" in the spring of 2020, a scheduling conflict was created because WikiTree doesn't enforce the use of one time zone. So, apparently, every year, when people in some parts of the world "spring forward," others don't do so until days or weeks later. WikiTree Leadership asked us Rangers to liaise with each as necessary to cover the gaps in the schedule, as necessary. 

I noticed that the Ranger (Ros Haywood) who came on after my shift was coming on an hour late. I told her I'd stay a half hour late, and asked her to come on a half hour earlier. She copped an attitude saying this wasn't her responsibility. I suggested she remove herself from the slot so someone else could fill it. Long story short, my Ranger Badge was removed.

Then, to celebrate Easter Weekend, and National Tartan Week, as well as my Scandinavian lineage, I created and posted links to "wallpapers" or background images on their G2G forum, where I held the rank of Mach2 (above a Crew Member and Mach1, but lower than Mach3, Mach4, and so on up to Pilot and Astronaut). These wallpapers were based on the official thread counts for The Swedish and The Norwegian Tartans. I had previously posted more than a dozen, similar "wallpapers," with no complaints, but rather compliments and thank yous, but, almost immediately, these threads started getting flamed.

WikiTree Leadership accused me of fraud, spam, even of perhaps getting some kind of a kickback for any marketing that resulted from my posts. I replied, defending myself, including two posts explaining that I wasn't getting any financial compensation for creating and placing my "wallpapers" into the Public Domain for free. My replies started getting hidden willie-nilly, and finally, on April 15, 2020, I found that I was unable to answer any questions on the G2G Forum,  or sending Private Messages to other WikiTree Members, or even editing my own Profile, or any WikiTree Profiles, including those of my deceased relatives, such as my Uncle Mick, who was a POW and a Purple Heart Recipient in WWII. So, potentially, anyone could become a WikiTree Member, and post anything they wanted on my Profile or any of the Profiles of my relatives, including Profiles I created. And I wouldn't be able to edit these Profiles, or post a complaint, or send a Private Message to a WikiTree Leader.

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Sun Wave Vacations sunwavevacations, 800-986-9341 now taken over by, 800-978-0828 Nothing Cancun Q Roo


SCAM!!! Yup, same type of scam here too. Purchased 5/24/2018 for $1199 from Sun Wave Vacation., 800-986-9341. I lost the money.

They are still up on the web. And when you call them, you will probaly be rerouted to another scam vacation company too. Because the person – operator who answer the phone sounds very shady. They don't want to let you know what company they are working for.

Mason, form (department of Resco ?) at, 800-978-0828,  x 9206, contacted me recently me to let me know that the Sunwave Vacation is no longer in business. My Sun Wave Vacation contract is voided and is no longer honored, however, Respush is willing to allow me to take the three vacations that I bought originally but only to their specific resorts like Vallarta Gardens, Occidental Nuevo and Matlati Hills for the first vacation. Plus, I have to pay additional reservation and any docking fees for each of the vacation I want to take. The cost ranging from $350+. My original certificate would allow me 5 yrs (2023) to travel but now they say I have till April 2021 and their term and conditions to travel is ridiculous. 

Found out that there are many Mexico vacation groups who set up up scam shops like this.

Becareful! Never book any of your vacations when someone calls you on the phone, especially from Mexico when it sounds too good to be true.

Ouch! A big lesson to learn.

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Vacasa Vacation rentals Managed my vacation home in their best interests without regard for the Owners best interests. Monetized at my expense. oregon

DO NOT LIST YOUR VACATION HOME WITH VACASA.  I did and it was a NIGHTMARE.  Their entire scheme is to rent your home out at below the market rate to keep it mostly occupied and then add fees to you and the tenants outside  the "Rent", which is all they share with you, so they are making the profit while you have to pay all of the expenses.  Their corporate culture is rancid; exploitive of the home owners, totally geared toward Monetizing your property to the max and leaving you with the bills. 

Every month, and I only lasted two, I had to argue with them to get fees to me reversed which were either outside those stated in their contract or for services I never authorized.  Additionally, the sales people told me several things that were not accurate to get me to list with them and then, when it happened differently, the Corporate office would not make right on those representations.   


Another of their tricks is to list your space on multiple sites but list it for significantly less on the Vacasa website where they get a substantial “booking” fee in addition to the 30% or so of “Rent” you have negotiated with them.  On a two day stay they would let the tenants stay an extra eight hours or essentially a third day, charge them for that time, and not call it "Rent" so they would not have to share a portion of that fee with you even though you paid the extra utilities and had the wear and tear.  Fees for having a hot tub, bringing a dog, early or late arrival would likely go entirely to them.  You have to pay for them to open, shutdown close and clean the cabin but then they add a fee on to bring out the chairs and BBQ in the summer, or clear the few feet of walkway between the snow plow service you pay for and the front door. 

GO WITH LOCAL MAMAGEMENT:    The local Vacasa people were very nice but on important decisions had to refer you to a management hierarchy  with a CORPORATE  MENTALITY that was daunting.   In the 15 years I have owned this property I have had a couple of local Managers who, although they were not always totally efficient, they treated me in a fair and honest manner, the guests like a valuable asset and understood that my vacation home also my second home and was more than an asset for them to run down in order to Monetize it to the Max. And if you want to end the contract you can do that at any time but any bookings they already have, and they book up to a year in advance, they make you pay the entire amount of the “Rent” to them, if you decide to drop those bookings,  even though normally they only get about a third of the rent. 


They are 100% inflexible with their online contract and would not change a single word, since it was carefully crafted to give them every advantage and every opportunity to get more money on their side of the ledger. 

LAWSUITS:  Since they have had class action suits over their questionable practices  (Google: 8/30/2017 11:08:45 AM 17CV37165 or simply try Vacasa law suits) they put language in the current contract that forces binding arbitration, thereby avoiding or reducing the ability to do a class action suit over their business practices. 




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Phenix city doctors Valintine Are corrupt dirty they allow their office staff to abuse patients by falsely accusing them of cursing at them then dismissing them as patients because Valintine don’t put up with patients back talking his employees with the witch lied about you phenix city al

  This was a total injustice when Valintine took the word of this lying little office girl that I cursed at her and my family member was on the phone and can say that I didn't say anything bad to her. I was sick and I needed them to call me in some medicine. For me to be able to work! But instead, I got all this drama and chaos. I explained my side of the story to the office manager and she said well his decisions stand in a really ugly way!

 I've been a patient for a long time of Valintine. And for him to treat me like this was like a betrayal! They knew me that I never was ugly to his office staff prior to my encounter with this new employee! Other people need to be aware so they don't get falsely accuse and be out of a doctor. All I wanted was medicine for me to get well because I had to work!

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az century decks/ desert pools service and repairs constant lies, not showing up for work, slow progress, not answering phone calls during business hours, not meeting deadlines phoenix az

I contacted this company and as told the employees would be constantly supervised and the job would take 3 days.  It is now 8 days and not nearly finished. Attemps to call durring business hours  were not returned on 6 occasions. 

promised deadlines were not met or are delayed.  The workmen are not supervised and commitments to return the nest day are not met.  I regret dealing with this company and hope this nightmare ends soon.

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SageStream,LLC Releasing false information San Diego California

Recently I purchased 2019 GMC Sierra unlimited while in dire need of a vehicle after an accident where my Nissan was totaled by the insurance company. The Insurance company would only reimburse me 3,000 for the purchase of another truck, well we all know what a huge loss I took on that.

I live in a rural area and alone, needed a truck as I am a contractor. I had just survived through a 5-year repayment plan on a chapter 13 October 1 2019 last payment of 1250.00 per month.

I needed financing so Kunes Country  Super Store started submitting my application for approval, many of the financing companies use credit bureau that is not updated info? In this case, Ally Capital used I had never heard of them?

How can Transunion have almost a 700 score yet Sagestream has a 498 score. Why do consumer have to make a part-time career of constantly taking time fixing incorrect information and building stress and anxiety over false information from these credit bureaus? Not to mention ruining someone's reputation, humiliating them.

Humans are going through hardship due to our economy, certainly is not that we are not the government robots, working to stay afloat! 



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Yves Rocher The Two (2) Bottles Were Not Completely Full And The Company Refused To Have ME Return The Products To Get Proper Product Replacement! All That This F*ckin’ Company Cared About Was A Paper Receipt! Stupid, F*ckin’ Selfish, Idiots That Only Care About Money And Not The d**n Customer! Longueuil Quebec

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Do Not Buy Yves Rocher Products!

Very Serious Complaint!

My 88 year old mother had bought two (2) bottles of your Yves Rocher Passion Fruit Ginger Energizing Bath & Shower Gel and Both Bottles Were Not Completely Full which is Totally Unacceptable!

I am Not sure what happened during the packing, manufacturing and/or transportation process, but my mother must have received a Bad Batch!

All that my mother wants is to please provide her with Product Replacement for her Inconvenience!

For Your Information:  I am now providing You with some Vital Details that I was able to retrieve from one (1) of the bottles for your reference and further review.  Thank you.

Passion Fruit Ginger Energizing Bath & Shower Gel
400 ml   13.5 fl. oz
Upc Code:  3  660005  556345

Sadly, I had filed this complaint about one (1) month ago and the company did absolutely Nothing About It!

I offered to return the bottles and all that they cared about was the receipt instead of having the actual product(s) returned!

They are such a Stupid, Idiotic, Selfish company that does Not Care About Their Customers and it Shows!

I will make sure that my mother Never Buys Their d**n Products ever again!

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore
Angry And Upset Yves Rocher Customer
On Behalf Of Mrs. Helene Shore, Your Customer


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WALTER J. ROESCH / Steven Cohen Goldberg & Cohn Lost case / Shared confidential information / Came to Court smell like alcohol Brooklyn NY

Walter is inaccurate lawyer and destroys children/family  led to believe your the bad parent If you hire this attorney most likely you will loose  your case since he has to lie to do so and he knows how to build a make-believe case against your spouse but be ready to have bitter damaged children

Walter is a mother hater and his goal is to destroy the other spouse – other reviews that he managed to remove from various sites and more than likely he convinces your attorney to throw you under the bus. He is an excellent fantastic attorney if you have no ethics and morals – good luck with Karma as this kind of representation will destroy your entire family.

It does not matter how good of a mother or father you are, this lawyer will say you are an abuser and lie consistently. Be careful what you wish for and yes, I did pay for this attorney!

they all punch off liars there is the office steven cohen pretend he knows all the judges for you to sign up for them.



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