NoraCora Took months to ship, then clothing was poor quality.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!! If I can stop one person for purchasing thier crap, I'll feel better. NoraCora has some great photographers or maybe it's pictures of some other clothing.  Clothes look great on the website, then when they arrive months later, they are really bad, poor quality. Looks NOTHING like the photos. Tried to return and got the run around. Paid to ship back to China  $27 USD, but was returned to me a couple months later. Said address did not exists. Was the address provided by Nora Cora. Lost more money on top of bad clothing.

Was in email chain with "Christine" stating after the purchase that they won't take returns and not repsonsible for ANYTHING. What does "get caught by customs" even mean?

Christine Wu ([email protected])To:you Details Hi XXXXXXXXXXX,   NOC823352545
Upon checking in our system, we haven't received your return package yet .

Only after we receive your return package INTACT successfully, can we refund you. If the parcel is lost /gets caught by Custom on the way to us, our Customer Service Team will NOT offer any compensation option.

Pls wait another few days .

Best regards,


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