Keeper Security Blocked me from Retrieving my passwords, took away free offer on software–twice Chicago IL

This company has a free password vault for one device–no time limits on this use.  They charge for, and make money, but charges for more than one device and syncing passwords between devices.

I was using the free single use package to try it out.  It was a nuisance because there were constant pop up to entice you to upgrade and no way to stop those.  I found the interface a bit awkward to use, as it required a lot of pointing and clicking to activate various passwords.  It was distracting and slow because of all the popup and having to click "No" on upgrading.

Then I started getting notices that my password vault was about to expire.  I wrote them and was informed–this was the second time, that indeed my software would continue to work on one device.  Then it disabled all my passwords, which makes my life very difficult now.  I could have downloaded all these and had them handy in a text file to continue my daily functioning, but I was ASSURED it would continue.

I contacted them directly, and they reset something to allow me to use their software again.  I thought it was fixed.  But after one day, it is broken again and they are asking for money, holding my data hostage to retrieve it.

Now they are saying it is free only for a mobile device.  That is a change from the original, which specified–one device–no restrictions on device type.

I plan to file a claim against them in court this week.  I will be asking for punitive damages.  I have screenshots of all the messages to clearly show they acted in bad faith.


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