Industry Rockstar or Start at The Top or Kane & Alessia Minkus They state you can get a refund, but they will not refund my $500.00, although their contract says it. Chandler AZ

They are a scam and a fraud. On March 16, 2020; I asked for a refund within. One business day, which they state they give your money back, it’s $500.00 and this is the email I received today. see their email to me below. 


Please accept our apologies for the delayed response

As you can imagine a lot of businesses and people are suffering right now due to the economic situations the COVID19 has created around the world.  We are doing our very best as a company to provide guidance to our participants and students, but we too have limited staff and financial resources following the entire shut down of all event activities in the USA and around the world and we too share your stress.

I do apologize, but at this stage a refund is no longer an option.   We are not able to provide refunds due to changing life or business circumstances, as many of our participants and students go through lots of life changes, but we plan to resume business activities as soon as we are all safe and able to start back to work and resume our events.
Warmest Regards,

Global Customer Service at Industry Rockstar®

[email protected] :: ::

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