Holiday Inn & Suites Worst stay EVER Williamsburg VA

I checked in for a one night stay this past Saturday… Everything seemed fine when I checked in until I began to see black debri on the bed… I discovered it was coming from the AC unit… I immediately called the front desk to inform them of it and the maintenance guy came pretty quickly which kinda restored my confidence a bit, but the excuses he made irritated me… Anywho, I had to leave my room for about an hour for him to replace this unit…

I recieved a call from the hotel with he was finished… I get back to the room to find an even older unit was installed and not only was it blowing out the same blace debri, it was also squeeking loudly the whole time it was on(SMH)… I was too tired to deal with calling them again and even changing rooms, because I'm sure it would have been the same issue…

When I called to speak to the manager, initially he took no accountibility at all and all he said was it wasn't common for his hotel and he would check into it… No offer to compensate me at all until I pressed for it… Needless to say I will not be staying at this hotel EVER again!! 

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