Heritage Leading group Took money Los Angeles CA

Hopefully my fault will save others from falling for this scam. Covid-19 hit my bussiness was shut down. Needed money to pay bills and payroll. I went online looking for a lender. I got a phone call a few days after going online by this Courtney Adams person. Said I was approved for a loan and where is a good email to send the contrat to.

Gave her the address and shortly after that got this what seemed to be a contract. Well the bullsh*t started there. Got a return call going over the terms. Needed either a co-signer withh atleaset a 725 score or I could pay a $900.00 security on the loan. The security would be used towards the payments. Well the moneygram thing came into play. Said I wasn't into paying for a loan. They assured me it was legal and the contact is also legal. They hooked me. Two payments of $900.00 and a additional $500.00 for insureance I'm out of. Yes im a fool for falling for this but when your in need people you will fall for the scam.


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