Exclusive Auto Wholesale LLC Christian (Salesperson) and Patrick (Finance Guy) Lied about an SUV Pelham Alabama

Exclusive Auto Wholesale LLC   Apr 20, 2020


I am an engineer from the Dallas, Texas area and currently working in and out of the hospitals and Doctor offices trying to save as many life's as possible but was in need of an SUV. I found an SUV with this business online and contacted them as I was already pre-approved with my Credit Union and told this information to Christian on my call and explained I was ready to purchase the vehicle and we got the paperwork together once shipping cost was figured out, they then sent the purchase order to my Credit Union.

The salesperson reached out to me after the fact and inquired about a deposit knowing he had sent a Fedex label to my Credit Union and did not go so far as to explain my work to him and that I at the time did not have my wallet on to do so because of the strain I was under with my work and did not think much of it either because had communicated with my Credit Union.

Today, because I'm on 24 hour call was not available for awhile and this gentleman again once I saw his text asking for this deposit. I wear scrubs in my work and no time for this and the Credit Union unknowing to me was short handed and trying to do their jobs did not answer this guy fast enough to get a copy of the check being Fedex today. They in turn did send a copy of it but these guys chose after all to sell the SUV from under me knowing all this.

Now as a norm I can be available but even though I managed to take time explain this to Christian as he also told me his wife was a nurse and understood. If he was being truthful, not saying he was not. Bottom line is this business had no reason today to make this decision and wait for the check they knew was coming. My Credit Union has marked this dealer in case anyone from my area wants to buy from them.

Bottom line this was not necessary to do, now for some reason check did show up tomorrow I get it. So there more to this and I have my suspicions. Keeping in mind I'm sure others may have had a good experience with this dealer, this is a fair warning to others, BE CAREFUL IF YOU ARE OUT OF STATE or …..

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