Doc Buzzard Dr. Papa Bones Total Fraud and Ripoff Artist Holiday Florida

Doc Buzzard's real name is Tom G Grier and he is currently 63 years old and is originally from Nebraska. He runs other websites: – & – and he goes by the name Dr. Papa Bones. On his About Me page he claims to be African American and from Mississippi but he is in fact Caucasian and currently lives in Florida.

He claims on his Doc Buzzard website to be in Atlanta and has an Atlanta phone number (404) 400-2434 and on his Dr. Papa Bones website he has a New Orleans phone number (504) 324-0030 but he lives in neither location. He actually lives at (((REDACTED)))Holiday FL (((REDACTED))) Neighborhood: Holiday Lake Estates. Caveat emptor – Let the Buyer Beware!!! 

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