Denver Fine Motors Scammed me out of $948.00 for a seized vehicle purchase Denver Colorado

They have a very convincing website. They offer great prices on vehicles, campers, boats, tractors etc…

They told me the truck I was trying to purchase was seized vehicle and in order to release the truck I would have to put down 20% of the purchase price by doing a bank to bank wire transfer and then it would be delivered to thier showroom in 3 days and I could pick it up there after paying the remainder of the sale price or have it shipped to me.

I paid the 20% down and was told by Aaron Wright that I could pick it up on 4/19/2020 between 11:00am and 1:00pm. I drove from Missouri to Colorado ( 11 hour trip one way) to retrieve the truck and no one ever showed up. I waited until 2:00pm then I reached out to Patrick Stone by "Chat" from the website. He told me they was closed and he couldn't do anything about it because it was Sunday I would have to wait until Monday to pick up the truck, again between 11:00am and 1:00pm. Then he told me he didn't know for sure what the delivery day was set for on the truck that it may not be there on Monday and I would have to wait until it was released from the lein holder before I could pick it up.

I returned to Missouri because I have an honest job and I had to be at work Monday morning. I have been trying to reach them by phone, email, chat, and have recieved no response to anything.

The initial person I talked to was Parick Stone, then Aaron Wright, and the Financial department was Michael Owen. I mostly dealt with Patric Stone.

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