Dell Inc Dell Computers Advertised capability that they now say isn’t a feature. Also won’t refund because monitor died shortly after warranty(but within months of purchase) Round Rock TX

Bottom line up front:

Dell advertised their P2719HC monitor as a monitor that you can hook up to your computer with one USB C cable and get all the functionality of having multiple cables hooked up.  I bought it, it worked for several months, then died.  They sent me 2 replacement monitors that also don't work or work intermittently, and after several rounds with Tech Support and Customer Care, I'm being told that the monitor wasn't designed to do what it's advertised to do.

 I want a refund and I'm  being told that it's out of warranty.  While technically true, no one buys a $400 monitor only to have it die 9 months later and be beyond the capabilities of the manufacturer to fix.  Or to be told, oh that thing we said it did, well it doesn't do that, and that's why you're having the issue.

Now the details:

Worst customer service experience of my life dealing with Dell.  I bought a P2719H monitor in 11/2018 and it stopped working after several months.  

Tech Support:

I worked with Dell Tech Support and they sent me a replacement monitor in 9/2019.  The replacement monitor failed immediately and I asked for a refund.  Technically I was outside Dell's refund window of 30 days, but considering the terrible performance of their product, I didn't want to go through more replacement units that fail to work as advertised (at all) and waste my time.  I did eventually let them send me another replacement in 4/2020, and that failed immediately also.  To be fair, it works intermittently, about 30 minutes at a time then dies.

Tech Support is telling me something new now, that Dell monitors aren't really meant for MACs.  I should mention that the Dell agent that sold me the monitor said It was perfect for my set up (MacBook Pro).

I'm still working with Tech Support because Customer Care keeps hanging up on me.  Tech Support is elevating to "the engineers"….but I just want a refund.

Customer Care (different than Customer Service):

I've called Dell several times to discuss this issue and I've been hung up on (or call dropped) 6 times, usually right around the time I ask for a supervisor.  In none of these cases have I been called back by the Dell representative, which the techs inform me is their procedure.  

My calls with Dell go something like this: I call customer care, I mention refund to the automated system, I wait for 20 minutes (understandable given COVID 19), Tech Support answers, and I explain my issue and say refund, they say you need to call Customer Care, and give me the number, I mention that that's the number I called and somehow ended up with Tech Support, then they transfer me towards Customer Care.  This is where I get a variation of, call drop, "we are not open" (on Monday morning), or I get someone who says, you need to talk to Tech Support because we're past 30 days and that’s our policy.  I explain that Tech Support can't help and has already tried and failed because their ultimate solution is to send be a bad monitor, and I ask for a supervisor because I need an exception to policy.  This is where they say ok, and the call is dropped. 

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