commercial capital training group mike geisler commercial capital training group ripped me off

Mike Geisler pretended to be Mike Mqguire, a fake person Mr geisler made up to use as a refference for a sucessful graduate of his school who is satisfied with his program he sells on biz buy sell as well as on the internet for 25k and up. he sells this package as a week long training then you are ready to go make money in the loan business. The truth of the matter is that he ripped me off and wasted a ton of my time by misleading me and saying I would make all this money, instead he provided a fake refferal and wasted even more of my time, since this person was fake there was no social media which funny enough is one of the things that is supposed to be included in his package that he sells, also he broke out of characted when he was trying to alter his voice and then when he was caught pretending to be somone else and he aslo slipped again and said we can provide you with other refferals, i mean the company can provide you with another refferal, no thanks lol no more fake refferals or incentivised referrals that are either fake or paid to give a review, the purpose of due dilligence is to speak to someone like myself who is post completion of the course not a fake made up person or paid off person. Total scam of a company, 


Beware to not get fooled and anybody reading this who has been scammed should contact the attorney general and be part of a class action lawsuit to get your money back as this is fraud and illegal to pretend and lie to take peoples money by selling them stuff based on a false identity and other lies like hiring someone who is incentivised to be a source of someone who is satisfied with the service.

this is your typical scam, dont believe fake people like Mike Mqguire who is Mike Geisler pinching his nose, sorry for any of hyou who were fooled by the congested accent, he broke out of characted when he was suspected lol.  

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