Qian Jiajia They take your money, do not ship order until you complain then they send random items not even close to order Baiyun District Guangzhou

I ordered twice, back to back from this company. I didn't get my order in time frame originally stated so I emailed them. they sent a reply  saying items were shipped should have gotten them. I emailed them again because I was having trouble logging into their website. No reply. Again regarding order. No reply. I waited a month, then 2, 2 and a half months… nothing.

So I placed a claim with PayPal.  Oh, then they replied to them, and miraculously, within a week I got a delivery. Problem was it wasn't what I ordered not even close. It was random mismatched pieces all wrong sizes too. It was like someone grabbed a bunch of junk out of a drawer and sent it. Well, this is the cleverest thievery I've seen in awhile.

See, to ship back to China is expensive. The items they sent are not worth it, and I'd be spending almost the amount of my original order to send it back, just so payPal will refund me. It's not cost effective and they know this. They purposefully sent me misc junk to avoid refund. If it was still a not recieved order issue, they would have to issue a refund- but as they sent me something I must return items at my cost. 

So, I lose my money either way. If they had sent something usable that would have aken the sting out a bit, but it is all random – a variety of trash that isn't a complete set. 

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