Centurylink Prism Equipment Return Scam – Centurylink UT

I had TV service with Centurylink a couple of years ago.  When I decided to cancel my service, I paid my account off, and returned the equipment using the label and packing they sent me.

When I went to the UPS Store to drop off the package, the clerk told me to hang on to my receipt because Centurylink is notorious for claiming that they didn't get their equipment, and sending accounts to collections.

I kept the receipt in a safe place for over a year.  After that time, and after hearing NOTHING from Centurylink (no calls, no emails, no mail) for over a year I was confident that everything was okay.  

This week I began receiving notifications from a collection agency claiming that I had never paid my final bill to Centurylink.  If Centurylink really had believed that I owed them, they would have tried contacting me before selling the account to collections.  It is my honest beliefe, based on my experience that they delay their collection efforts hoping that people will not have the documentation to fight them.

I have seen similar posts on this site.  I am beyond frustrated.  It seems l like Centurylink has an SOP in place to do this as a profit center and it is disgusting.  Look how many similar posts there are on this site! Their timing is great too – right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nice work Centurylink. 

I wish someone would pull together a class action and make these guys pay.  This behavior is criminal. This is nothing more than a shake-down by an unscrupulous company who knows EXACTLY what they are doing.

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