titlemax i started out doing business with about 3-4 years ago. i went in to inquire about a loan on my 1999 nissan altima. i was just needing 100.00 and they said they had a 400.00 minimum loan. a few month went by and they told me i had a little money available, so i started knoxville tennessee

After iI was without a car, i found a 2005 nissan for 2900.00 .I responded and the man brought it to my house for test drive. we worked  out a deal for the car for 500 down on a forty five day note. In order for me to take possession of the car he needed 500 down.  So i called titlemax and asked the worker about the two types of  flex loans.

I was told that the one that was not tied to a title is the one for me. the worker said that I could get 4 0r 5 hundred. she told me what to bring in and when I got down there, they denied me because of my low score, after a perfect record for over three years. I now avoid all lenders as such and so should you., I am still looking for a ride…

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American Security Associates Inc Acknowledged hours worked was not paid and did not pay me Acworth Georgia

I worked overnight for this security company being paid 80hrs every two weeks. I was told that I would be provided a patrol vehicle. I was not provided a safe vehicle for over a month and had to use my own personal car until they provided one. I was told by Chad that I would be reimbursed for using my own car/gas. I never did get reimbursed. I was only paid 46hrs for my first two paychecks. I brought it to the attention of my supervisor (Chad) and the HR personnel Linda.

I was not set up properly in the time stamp hours worked tracker and was not aware of it. I advised them of this upon learn about that system and Linda also noticed I was not set up on that platform. I was advised by Chad that he was going to get this corrected and that they noticed they had paid another employee Chuck my hours accidentally. After constant asking about having my hours corrected and still showing up for work. I advised Chad that I was not going to keep showing up for work and not be paid for hours worked on my past paychecks.

I also talked with the owner of the company via phone calls and texts about this and he as well stated that this would be corrected. after waiting over a month and a week, I decided not to continue working and advised my supervisor of such. I met with Chad and turned in my uniform in which they took out money for that was never returned. Once I left the company due to not being paid, I was told by the owner that I left without notice and will not get reimbursed for using my car, unpaid hours, and for the uniform money they took out of my check. The owner of the company William Seiz also felt the need to call me and attempt to berate me over the phone then tell me not to reach back out to him or he will file harrassment charges.

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Vodacom south africa Vodacom over charge you especially now during lockdown. We pay 937.99 and bow they double charge us since end of march Cape town, johannesburg,pretoria,Bloemfontein Cape town, gauteng

People be careful vodacom contacts takes double the money while lockdown without being in arrears.And the problem never gets solved.113 People please take my advice stay far away frim vodacom. They have been charging us double the amount of our normal contract. We have been at vodacom for more than 10 years. Never have me missed a payment not even one. So we changed our banking details and made a eft payment to vodacom on the 7th of april.

Since end of march vodacom have been charging us R1875.98 since the lockdown started. (The normal amount monthly is 937.99.) So on our hardest time vodacom is being dishonest. So if we phone them they are rude. Very poor service and rude. And they are right we are wrong they are allowed to take as much as they want. How can they get away with this. We will never do business with vodacom ever again. Also take this further i shall not leave it here.

Taking peoples money at the hardest time one of out consultants at the bank spoke to this lady. The staff at the bank is witness to what vodacom is doing all of them they were shocked and said they will never do business with vodacom and this situation opened their eyes for future use. The tellers at the bank said to rather go with mtn or cell c they havent had problems with them. Vodacom gets away with this all the time. Too many camplaint on hellopeter website about vodacom also. How to we end this. How long will they get away with it.

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Experian Advertising fraud to the public Austin Texas

Experian has a commercial on television that says go to http://experian.com/boost , to boost your credit

score! Don't believe this scam/fraud, they get all your personal info and give it to your creditors to harass you!

Also, they ask for your bank account user name and password! Who in their right mind would give this info out

to anyone!!?? Beware of this web site and the advertisements you see on television!!

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Bilzar.com PPC Management Tony Boffa Review Blew Up my PPC account brisbane brisbane

Tony was nice and cordial during the first month of doing business with him. He did a great job reducing our ACOS and increasing sales. However, he did not keep an eye on our account.

Our PPC charges increased 650% in 3-4 days, and he never discovered it. I was lucky to check my credit card for the charges, and notified him of it. I asked him to take some action.  He replied to my Skype request, but didn't confirm any changes had been made.

I sent an email to his entire team to get a reply – no answer (while my PPC charges will still going through the roof). I found someone else to take over the account, and asked him to refund the previous months service charges. He ignored both of my emails.  I now will have to dispute the charge.


On a side note.  He was trying to sell my some face masks during the initial days of the covid outbreak. I was a bit suspicious of his prices, so I contacted my sourcing agent in China to do a background check on the factory.

He told me he had been doing business with the company for 4 years.  The background check revealed it had been operating under 2 months. My sourcing agent also found the same masks for 1/2 the price, and shipping for 1/3 of the price.

If you are reading this, I would suggest you do not do business with him.  He doesn't seem honest to me.

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rey logistics rey logistic transportion / trucking They refused to pay me my last two driver settlement pays for loads delivered and they got paid on they stole from me pennsylvania southhampton

They refused to pay me my last two  driver settlement pays for loads delivered and they got paid on they stole from me. I gave my 2 weeks notice and they are keeping my escrow according to the agreement if you did not sign and return page 10 in the contract.( I am okay with this no biggy) This has nothing to do with pay driver settlement my pay I earned for delivering the loads taken.

They told me they were not paying me at all and they owe me almost $4k in pay nothing to do with escrow .. totally seperate. The employees  gave me the run around and basically told me .. I am not getting my pay owed to me for the last weeks even though I worked my full two weeks notice that according to contract you have to work it in order to get your last 2 weeks pay

They make you work it per contract and then don't pay you but they got all your money and paid for the loads from broker. I see from the reports this is not the first time they have done this to a driver 

I want my pay I worked and earned. 


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Times Internet Limited CIN: U74999DL1999PLC135531 Express Building, 9-10 Bahadurshah Zafar Marg New Delhi New Delhi DL 110002 IN Stop Spamming Delhi New Delhi


Times Internet Limited

CIN: U74999DL1999PLC135531 

Express Building, 9-10 Bahadurshah Zafar Marg

New Delhi New Delhi DL 110002 IN  

Sub: – Stop Spamming my email [email protected]

  Hello, I would like to inform you that I am getting regular promotional emails from Times Internet Limited which I have unsubscribed 100 times before to get rid of but all in vain I am still getting regular emails which I do not want from Times Internet Limited

Many emails do not have any unsubscribe option mentioned in promotional emails. I do not remember signing up for any such promotional emails and would therefore request to get all details and records of my subscription with Times Internet Limited.

I have previously complained and emailed to several peoples to look into the matter and resolve and take corrective actions on the issues but till now no positive actions have been taken on my issue.

This is a LAST Email requesting to take corrective actions on the issue being faced by me. I am waiting for your actions on the matter which will guide my future course of actions on the matter.

Hope you will understand my concern and take all the necessary steps to rectify the same on urgent high priority basis.

​Asha Kanta Sharma M +91-9864272826 M +91-8471817972 [email protected] [email protected]

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Get Banged Salon Boutique Gillian Mickelow G styles, Gillian Mickelow, she missed her appointments with me so many times. calgary alberta

Gillian Mickelow is a lier had tried to make apointments with her and for two weeks straight she kept rebooking and kept missing them. also the time before when i did get my cut in before she was on the phone with her friends talking about how some GHOST LAKE MIKE  Aka "Mike O Rama" guy was cheating on his wife with a girl named Amy and bangged her in the bathroom and how they shouldnt ever tell anyone. thanks for screwing up my hair Gillian i wont be back you are the biggest scam in all of town.. 

Ps i graduated from high school a long time ago…..

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