Big Sandy Superstore Big Sandy Superstore Gallipolis Failure to pay promised refunds when we were overcharged and lying saying we had already been refunded Gallipolis OH

I made a large purchase in-store at their Black Friday sale in November 2019. A month or so later, upon delivery, there were several issues with what was delivered versus what I was originally charged. I was charged $119.99 for a microwave installation that wasn't needed as the microwave sits on the countertop. I was also overcharged $180.00 for the oven I purchased. I have been told multiple times over the phone that I would be refunded the about I was overcharged.

First I was told I would receive a check in the mail. Then I was told that my credit card would be credited. (It hasn't.) I was even told that my credit card had already been credited even though it hadn't been done. Every time I call to find out where my refund is I'm given the runaround. They say they're looking into it, or that someone will get back ahold of me and then they never do. I just want the money I'm owed. It's been almost 5 months since I purchased this furniture.

The last time I heard anything  back from Big Sandy regarding this issue, they lied and said they already issued me the refund to our Synchrony account (who they use for financing), The problem with that is that those charges were paid via my Discover credit card and were in no way connected to my Synchrony account so that doesn't even make sense. Bottom line is they owe me this money and finding an excuse they can possibly use to get out of paying me back.

I would never do business with Big Sandy again even if they were giving me FREE furniture. FRAUDS!!!



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