Adveti/IAT UAE Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI) WARNING ADVETI/IAT

April 15, 2020


Dear Sojan Thaikkattil Johny,

I am writing you with regards to a scheduled interview I Had this morning at 4:15 AM my time through the hard work and dedication of Desert Recruiting.

First off, I tried to be flexible and accommodated you at this early hour when most people probably wouldn't. You then asked if  I could wait an additional half of an hour and again, as tired as I was from having stayed awake all night,  I tried to accommodate you and your interview team.  I waited until 4:45AM and still not a word from you.

You kept me waiting for over 45 minutes. When I woke up later, I saw that you wrote the panel needed to take an additional 10 minute break and based on the timestamp,  the time you tried to reach me was not until after 5:12 AM. This was an interview that was scheduled for 4:15AM.

This incident shows that you and your Adveti team are grossly incompetent and have utter disregard for people and their time. I expected much better from Adveti/IAT and based on all the negative reviews I have come across on the internet this gross incompetency has proven to be true!

Please make sure that you forward this email to all your hiring staff so that they are made aware of the utter foolishness that is Adveti/IAT, I take it you are just one of their many go to, cogs-in-the-wheel people who are just doing as you are told or might be wholly responsible for this gross mess up. Please note that I will also be posting this to all the major esl forums so that people are aware of what they can expect  working for Adveti/IAT.

The world has changed if you haven't noticed, gone are the days when companies can treat people like fools and get away with it. The whole role of this position is less about teaching and more about ACCOUNTABILITY!  Adveti/IAT expect all of their staff to be accountable for all their actions at all times but instead of setting a positive example, it is clearly apparent that they are accountable to no one!

To you I say thank you for letting me know ahead of time just what I was about to get myself into. I will now make sure to let others know as well, you will find it all on port 80.

Warmest Regards,

I. Ree

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